Welcome to the parish website for St. Eugene’s Church.  “The Church of Saint Eugene is a community of believers seeking to grow in the faith of Jesus Christ through His Eucharist and by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Saint Eugene welcomes all God’s people through liturgy, sacraments, outreach to our neighbors in need, and by following the example of Jesus Christ. Through works and actions we strive to meet the spiritual, physical and temporal needs of all generations, especially our young. By encouraging one another, we grow in faith and we demonstrate our life in the Holy Trinity by sharing the Good News of Jesus and by being an active voice in our society. With God’s help, we remain a community united in Faith, Hope and Charity.” Please visit these pages to learn more about our vibrant faith community!

News & Events

St Eugene Parish held it's annual craft and car show on Sunday, October 12th.  The day was sunny and cool - a perfect day for the event that drew antique car buffs, crafts vendors and crowds of onlookers.  This is a wonderful community even that has been growing every year.

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Fr Varghese blessed pets in the parking lot of St Eugene Church on Saturday, October 4th.  Many dogs and a couple of exotic birds were among the pets blessed.  Here are a few photos:

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Congratulations to newly baptized Jameson Hamill and to his family.


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Congratulations to newly baptized Carrina Mary Kniffin and to her family


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Congratulations to our newly baptized parishioner Jackson Desrosiers and his family.


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